Zippo lighter dating code chart

She did tell police that she had independently given a copy of the Rubaiyat to a man called Alfred Boxall, who she had met at the Clifton Gardens Hotel in Sydney in 1944 while she was training to be a nurse at the nearby Royal North Shore Hospital.However, Boxall quickly proved to be very much alive and living in Maroubra (and not the dead man found on the beach), leaving both him and the police somewhat baffled. 3/4 configuration with a centralised patent for the 1959 Zippo.The individual images for each base were lifted from Max Cadys site to create the wallcharts (the hyperlink to the MC site is on the Links page), As a result of that I have only put the lower resolution charts up here.Also: one unusual feature of Boxall’s copy of the Rubaiyat is that the nurse had apparently signed it “Jestyn”, though her name at the time was actually Jessica Ellen Harkness.By way of resolution, Kate recently commented that: When nursing, all the other nursing pals in her year called her tina because she was only 4ft 11inch and slim.This included a local phone number (“X3239”), and several lines of cipher-like writing.

I used their base images as they were both clear and concise.

If and when any of it appears here, I apologise unreservedly if anything is not correctly credited to the original source.

Should anything be recognised by the original creators of individual images, I will be happy to either credit them accordingly, or delete the item if it causes offence by its use in the charts shown above.

Zippo Regular date charts There are a lot of similar items around that do the same thing. The second shows base images with the relevant dates added. A great many 'official' charts that show the 1959 date code as .... The usual charts are good for the years where Zippo used proper date codes, but the early years were a bit harder to identify.

The first chart when printed out and folded is credit card sized and consequently easy to carry. Having real images of the bases was infinitely more preferable.

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