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Is anyone else having this issue, is there a way to get around it?

I noticed on the MSI site the description of bios 1.0 and 1.1 read "New Bios Release" but 1.2 reads "- Update BIOS module.".

Hello All, MSI Z87-G45 i7-4770k Corsair H80i cooler 16GB Kingston Hyper X Beast 2133mhz SSD etc.

Tried to update the Bios from v1.1 to 1.2 (current as of this posting) using M-Flash at the bottom left of the BIOS (selected from usb thumbdrive with file at root). Read articles about making a bootable bios update usb drive, but they seem to be outdated guides (some mentioned windows 95/98/2k).

Be very careful when updating motherboard BIOS firmware.

If you flash the wrong file, or power is cut during the process, there is a good chance you will brick the motherboard.

I had that freezing problem 1 time awhile back with my Z77a-G45 and that was how I became aware of their bios flashing technique. Very happy with it, i actually returned an Asrock extreme4 and the G45 is way better.

Over at the MSI forum they have a special way of updating the bios.

Displays the drive, then the bios, after hitting install the dialog goes away and back to the main bios screen but the mouse is frozen and the time/temps/etc do not change. There was mention of a utility to do this within windows.

I have not tried this because in my experience its typically ill advised to flash bios from within the OS.

If you're unable to reset your BIOS, or your motherboard does not have this jumper, contact the OEM or motherboard manufacturer for further suggestions.

Many times, you can get a replacement BIOS chip if yours no longer works.

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