Updating nvidia bootcamp

Hi, (sorry if my english is not very good, it's not my mother tongue) So, I have a Mac Book Pro 7,1 (mid-2010) with the MCP89 chipset, and a SSD Crucial M500 960Gb (and OSX Maverick a Bootcamp to Windows 8.1 (who work with Windows 7 Windows 8 drivers from Apple, except the graphic driver from Nvidia, everything work good, except it use IDE mode, and the battery life seem very reduce...), but I found absolutely nothing to use AHCI on other OS with it.

But I try anyway, At this time, the best result I have is to boot Super GRUB2Disk with AHCI active, but in this case, GRUB2 see every OS in double, and can't boot any of these...

Here is my hardware/physical setup:– Late-2016 15″ Mac Book Pro (with Radeon Pro 455 2GB video card)– Bootcamp Windows 10 Pro x64 (My installation was installed via mac OS Sierra’s Bootcamp Utility.

I pointed the utility at an ISO of Windows 10 x64 Pro, and installed via the wizard.

The 960 is connected to 3 individual native-resolution LED 1080p monitors, one via DVI and two via Displayport to DVI.

The 120 is connected via DVI to a fourth smaller monitor.

Examining information in Device Manager shows one of two states:1.

You should be able to tell by opening the Bootcamp Control Panel from the system tray.

The latest version is 3.2; if you have an older version, install all of the updates up through version 3.2.

Lately I have been thinking of trying to update my n Vidia drivers as it has been hinted that it could solve some of the problems I've been having.

Right now, I'm running the bootcamp drivers, which work. n Vidia is really good however they do have issues with their drivers on occasion.

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