Splunk search not updating

In a scenario where you have multiple Indexers that do not communicate with each other but do communicate with all your Search Heads install and configure Duo Splunk Connector on one Indexer.Install but do not configure Duo Splunk Connector on all Search Heads.Configure the Duo Security app context to be forwarded from the Forwarder to one Indexer.You can choose to install Duo Splunk Connector from Splunkbase or with our manual steps.

This document takes you through installing and configuring the Duo Splunk Connector in your Splunk environment.

You must manually resolve Splunk incidents in Big Panda to remove them from the incident feed.

Splunk has a three-tier architecture—search heads, indexers, and forwarders.

The software is targeted toward smaller organizations like universities.

Splunkbase is a community hosted by Splunk where users can go to find apps and add-ons for Splunk which can improve the functionality and usefulness of Splunk, as well as provide a quick and easy interface for specific use-cases and/or vendor products.

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