Motorola dvr not updating guide

I had the same problem with the guide data not loading...called into Customer Service and was told it should take a couple of hours. I got impatient and had Charter send a refresh signal which of course started the process again.Mine took about 24 hours to load too..would be nice of the Customer Service reps would say "You will start seeing data soon but it can take up to 24 hours for the guide to fully load".Plus, all I want is a DVR that works and channels that don't freeze and sometimes disappear.On my way home from work last Friday, I stopped by the Charter Store and to see if they had any 3510's in stock (tired of the 3416 and not being able to record much on them)..had them in stock so I picked one up and planned on taking the 3416 in on Saturday.For immediate closed captioning technical concerns or service issues, please contact Atlantic Broadband:617-786-8800 x119 (Phone)617-786-8803 (Fax)[email protected](Email)Formal written complaints should be sent to Al Kuolas, Chief Technology Officer, Atlantic Broadband, 1 Batterymarch Park, Suite 405, Quincy MA 02169. The DVR service records programs for specified time periods.For sports events that may go into overtime, you may wish to extend the recording time by manually changing the Stop/End Time from within your DVR recording screen. If a network starts a program a minute earlier than the on-screen guide’s scheduled time, your DVR will miss that first minute unless you program it to start early.

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However as of now all the guide data has loaded, so 24 hours for sure."If all goes to plan, Charter's cloud-based UI "will be available on every single set-top box in every one of our video customer homes," Charter president and CEO Tom Rutledge said on Friday's earnings call."I don't think I will live that long, since apparently their APP is getting priority.You must have an Atlantic Broadband digital receiver and live in an area where On Demand service is available.To access the main On Demand menu, simply tune to Channel 1 or press ON DEMAND on your remote.It did this after being activated for about 4 hours, so I went online and did a refresh.That didn't really help, so I did a hard reboot of the system.

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