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Fiji is approximately a 10 1/2-hour non-stop flight from Los Angeles. No, it doesnt take two days of flying; merely two calendar days will elapse.Generally casual, however evening dining may require shoes and something slightly more formal than beachwear.Ladies would do best traveling with casual summer eveningwear. Most modern appliances such as mobile phones, computers, etc. So you will only need a twin prong adapter with round poles.And gentlemen, one pair of linen or summer dress slacks and the ubiquitous Bula shirt will suffice any occasion. Buy a set, with converter, before you leave the US if you are intending to use any other devices. Some of most famous luxury Fiji resorts (Namale, Matangi, Qamea, Jean Michelle Cousteau ) are here and offer a truly unique experience of a private island resort. Resorts on the Fijis Northern Islands (a short flight from the main island) are set among lush rainforest and beautiful waterfalls and provide an easy access to some of the best diving in the world. Viti Levu is the main island in Fiji and is home to the International airport.

You will leave LAX in the evening and a short while after takeoff, pass the midnight hour and into another day. The reason to mention the luggage requirements is NOT to over pack for Fiji especially if you flying within the country. For those flying business class, you are allowed an extra 10kgs on luggage. The drinking water is purified at hotels and restaurants and there is bottled Fiji water available to take on the road or when visiting remote areas. The worst things you might suffer are toasty sunburn, a kava induced hangover or some mossie (mosquito) bites. All of these resorts (and many others throughout Fiji) offer hassle-free All Inclusive Fiji Vacation packages. Travel Insurance is always a good idea, however, you dont need special shots for Fiji, as there are no major epidemics or infectious diseases.

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