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As you know, the arguments of Excel functions are entered within the parentheses.

In complex formulas, you may need to enter more than one set of parentheses, one within another, to indicate the order in which the calculations should take place.

If your formula is short of one or more parentheses, Excel displays an error message and suggests a correction to balance the pairs.

Please see How to highlight and match parenthesis pairs for more information.

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Numbers formatted as text values are another common reason for Excel formulas not working.A formula must contain all of the required arguments, otherwise Excel displays ".So, whenever you are writing a formula for numerical values, follow this simple rule: don't enclose numbers in double quotes unless you want them to be treated as text. Offset(1) Next i End Sub This puts the data in the other sheets, but when I input new data into the "master" worksheet, the data does not update in the other sheets. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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