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Kim reveals to Stacy what happened several years ago at the Spotted Pony; Cutter enlisted Kim to seduce a rich guy named Mr. Rex and Aubrey confront Kim in prison in December 2011 about Stacy being alive and having Gigi's face.Berger, and Cutter snuck too many drugs into his drink, which caused Mr. Kim agrees to tells them if they can get exonerate her, which they do.In January 2010, Clint files for divorce and invites Kim to live at his mansion.Kim gets Schuyler to steal a vial of oxytocin to make Stacy give birth early.He has been portrayed by Zach Roerig coming off his two-year role as Casey Hughes on As the World Turns from June 11, 2007 until August 8, 2007.In June 2007 it is revealed that a missing Todd Manning is being held hostage by Hunter in Chicago.

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In September, it is revealed that Kim is Cutter Wentworth's real sister, and that her real name is Aubrey Wentworth. She finds out that her brother was inspired to scam the Buchanan family after he read about Kim's marriage to Clint in the newspaper.

He also tells her that it was Gigi, not Stacy, that she rescued, and that Stacy really died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cutter tells Kim that he found their estranged mother Alex Olanov at Rio and wants to scam her. Hunter Atwood is a fictional character on the American soap opera One Life to Live.

Kim tells Clint that Cutter is her brother, that her real name is Aubrey Wentworth, and that her mysterious friend in the Kentucky hospital is Stacy.

Clint tells Kim that he has regained feelings for his ex-wife Victoria Lord.

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