Black single fathers dating

The effects of such beliefs don’t just mean we fawn over single dads and tut-tut over single moms.What we have seen all too often is cases where single moms have either been arrested, faced criminal child endangerment charges, or lost custody of their children for what has been termed child neglect.While not all moms in these situations are Black (see the most recent case of this type in Florida), a disproportionate number are.In part, that is because if there are negative stereotypes about single moms in general, the promiscuous-Black-single-mom-welfare-queen myth makes things exponentially harder for single moms of color, who may be judged through an even narrower lens than are their white single mom counterparts.As a 2013 Pew survey found, almost twice as many single moms are living in poverty than are single dads: 24% of single dads versus 43% of single moms.Combine this with the fact that there are simply fewer single dads out there (another 2013 Pew survey found that 76% of single parent households are headed by women), and that those who do head families often get a free pass based on our intrinsic belief in the valor of the single dad, and what you get is far more moms being forced into impossible situations than dads.

And poverty is far more likely to affect single moms than dads.Neither of those things are anything out of the norm. Remind women that just as attachment parenting, nursing a child until three and co-sleeping are valid options, so too are the tools of modernity like bottle feeding, EZ Mac’n Cheese, disposable diapers, and cribs and toddler beds, that can help give moms freedom from their kids and can help dads co-parent equally.When an opposite gender couple splits, women often correctly fear that relegating the role of primary parent to the father will find them harshly judged, even if the father would be better equipped for the job.In the second paper, , researcher Sarah De Jean and colleagues found that when given a fictional narrative about single parents, identical, save for the gender of the subject, study participants were more judgemental of the mothers in the story than they were of the fathers.Indeed, subjects rated mothers as “less secure, less fortunate, less responsible, less satisfied with life, less moral, less reputable, less of a good parent, and less economically advantaged” when compared to the ratings of the single father, despite the fact the only difference in the vignettes were names and pronouns.

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